Japan expo contest, it's right now !

March 15, 2023

Japan Expo is above all the biggest European convention about Japanese popular culture. The international AMV contest has been running for ten years and has always received many renowned editors through time. the usual custom is to unveil the finalists and their ranking by screening them on a giant screen, at the convention, where their videos are watched by hundreds of people! This year again, we hope for a fierce competition! However, do not hesitate to join the party, every level is welcomed, we expect many of you!

Deadline: July 2th 2023, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris).

ARAM Contest 2023 Results!

February 07, 2023

Here is the ranking of the ARAM Contest 2023. Congratulations to all!

1) Team 4, Leader flo - Texte
2) Team 2, Leader ZeroWy - Antiquity
3) Team 1, Leader Syeroz - Divine lights
4) Team 5, Leader Celso - Noxia
5) Team 7, Leader Zoid - ComicSense
6) Team 11, Leader Rei - Initiate
7) Team 10, Leader Sterben - Mind Maze
8) Team 3, Leader E_01 - Undefeatable
9) Team 6, Leader Jay - NTR
10) Team 8, Leader AzukaYuki - Twisted Love

Download link are available here.

L'ARAM CONTEST 2023 est là !

January 09, 2023

Hey everyone!
AMV-France is back with ARAM Contest.

If you weren't there last year or simply forgot what this contest is, here is a reminder :
After everyone interested registered in the contest, all of the participants will vote for team leaders who'll then make their team and these teams will have a week to create a MEP together.

LIKE LAST YEAR everything will happen here: https://discord.gg/hg38ka5pEG

Results Online Contest 2022

December 22, 2022

Here we are, judges' results are released as well as Public's Choice! Thanks to all contestants who played the game of anonimity and who showed us so many cool entries. We hope to see you again for the next edition!

Deadline postponed till December 11th!!

November 27, 2022

No need to add anything, you dreamed of it, here it is!! No excuses now ;) We're waiting for your vids! New deadline: December 11th, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris)


Level Up 2022 Results

November 21, 2022

Here is the ranking of IC AMV-France Anim'est 2022. Congratulations to all! 1) MEP - Jambon Beurre (Alyzia / AzukaYuki / Fnalex / Shadox / Amanystya / Bankai / Burn / Crows Corvus / Glave / Syeroz) 2) Arrow - Ataraxia 3) MEP - AVRAMAX ... >>


Japan Expo 2023
Deadline : 02/07/2023


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