ARAM Contest 2016 Back

Hey, AMV-France association is pleased to introduce the community to a new contest called ARAM Contest standing for "All Random All Mid", something players from LoL surely know well!
If you are familiar with it, maybe you already figured out how this contest will look like.
If you're not, just remember TGS 2012 : MEP Battle. Yes, because this contest is bringing this TGS's concept back!

Anyway, no more talking, here are a description and the rules of the contest :

ARAM Contest's goal is to have editors make a MEP with a team built by team leaders chosen by registered editors. Once they're chosen, you'll have a single week to make said MEP using songs from a pack given by the judges.

Here's how it'll all happen :

- Between 08/10 and 08/24 included, you register for the contest
- You'll then have until 08/31 11:59pm (French time, I'll make a countdown) to vote for team leaders
- 09/01, team leaders make their team. The order of decision will depend on which one of them got the most votes and there will be a rotation system to obviously ensure a fair balance and so that we don't have editors only editing with their friends.
- From 09/02 to 09/09 11:59pm (French time again), you edit.

No minimum length required for the video.