ARAM Contest 2018 Back

Hey everyone!
AMV-France is back with ARAM Contest.

If you weren't there last year or simply forgot what this contest is, here is a reminder :
After everyone interested registered in the contest, all of the participants will vote for team leaders who'll then make their team and these teams will have (a bit more than) a week to create a MEP together.


- If a team leader from last year entered in the contest, he can NOT be a team leader this year ! (in our case : Zuuki, Lokkiclu, Azexous, Noormuda, Kazeshin, Hedge, Pikapika, Replay studio).
- Any editor entering in the contest will send me a music of his choice on discord(MagicDarkLight#5510) or PM. This choice has to remain secret because it'll be part of the music pack you'll all get. Of course, any troll song won't be accepted and you have to send me with the best quality possible. A more traditional music pack will also be available.

Here's this year planning :
- From 08/17/2018 to 08/25/2018 11h59pm (GMT+2), you register in.
- From 25/08/2018 to 29/08/2018, you vote for your team leaders.
- Between 08/30/2018 and 08/31/2018, team leaders will make their team
- You'll edit from 08/31/2018 to 09/09/2018 11h59pm (GMT+2) to make your MEP and send it to me.

There's no minimal requirement regarding the length of the video.