Level Up 2023 Back

The Level up is contest originally created (and hosted from 2009 to 2016) by AMVNews.ru which we thank for allowing us to take over the concept and name of their contest.

The Principle is simple : an accomplished and aknowledged editor take a beginner under their wings and train them by sharing experiences in video making in order to make them level up during the creation of their first masterpiece.

The goal of this contest is thus for the "Novices" and their "Pro" to create an AMV without the Pro participating in the editing, creation of effects or other visual elements other than by giving technical advice or support to their Novice.

The duties of a Novice :
- to adjust the project settings
- to edit, make the effects and encode the video
- give regular previews to their Pro
- finish the video

The duties of a Pro :
- to register their Novices (received by email after validation)
- to help by thinking the AMV concept over together with Novice and in searching for sources
- to give technical avices (on workflow, how to use the softwares or how to create effects for instance)
- to beta test their Novices' previews
- to hand in the link to the final result of their Novices to the organisers

A discord server is available to facilitate pro/novice networking or for any question related to the rules.

◄ Rules

. To enter, a Novice must have a Pro
. Pros may have as many Novices as they want, though we recommand to limit yourselves at 3 Novices per Pro maximum.
. No compulsory theme, let your imagination flow
. Your video must last more than 1min30
. Your video must be exclusive to this contest (do not show or publish it before the results)
. Only the following containers are allowed : .mp4, .mkv, .mov, .avi
. Your video must not exceed 300Mo in weight or a maximal bitrate of 20mb/s unless it has a good reason to. Contact the organisers to get an authorisation.
. Your video must not have any logo or subtitles unless it serves the story or the concept
. GMV, MMV, M@D allowed
. No MEP or collabs, this is a solo contest.
. No plagiarism
. Any violations of French Constitution, particularly concerning the incitement of ethnic, homophobe or sexist hatred is strictly forbidden
. Deadline is set on 15th October 2023 at 11:59 pm.

◄ Other informations and contact

The Novice/Pro notion may rather be blurry or subject to interpretations. For the sake of fairness, it will be up to the organisers to decide whether you are a Pro, a Novice or in-between because this contest is meant for the beginners or editors without significant achivements.

Here is an indicator for the Pro category :

- Editors who managed to be in the top 5 of one or several editions of the Online Contest (by AMV-France) and /or in the top 10 of one or several editions of the Japan Expo AMV contest during the last 5 years can automatically be sure to be accepted as Pros and, therefore, cannot be considered as Novices.

The Novice category is reserved for people who started AMVs, never have participated in huge contests or are currently unable to get passed the bottoms of their rankings.

There are plenty of other factors that can put you in one or the other category and no matter how sure you are to be Pro or Novice, please do ask organisers about where they would put you if you entered and, if you are asked to, give a link leading to the video you consider you best.

Please do be honnest during the category assigment process. Any editor who would like to enter anonymously must let the organisers into the secret in private messages and play fair concerning their level. Otherwise, they will be punished more or less severely depending on the organisers' or jury's decision.