Time to register to Japan Expo 2022!

April 26, 2022

Japan Expo is above all the biggest European convention about Japanese popular culture. The international AMV contest has been running for ten years and has always received many renowned editors through time. the usual custom is to unveil the finalists and their ranking by screening them on a giant screen, at the convention, where their videos are watched by hundreds of people! This year again, we hope for a fierce competition! However, do not hesitate to join the party, every level is welcomed, we expect many of you!

If the Japan Expo 2022 convention is canceled or moved due to CoVid-19, the competition will still be maintained!

Deadline: June 25th 2022, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris).

Level Up 2022 Results

April 17, 2022

Here is the ranking of Level Up 2022. Congratulations to all!

Download link are available here.

AMV France à la Made In Asia !

March 30, 2022

AMV France sera présent lors de la Made In Asia les 8, 9 et 10 Avril 2022 à la Brussels Expo de Bruxelles en Belgique !

Results Online Contest!

January 18, 2022

Here we are, judges' results are released! Thanks to all contestants who played the game of anonimity and who showed us so many cool entries. We hope to see you again for the next edition! >>

Nouveau Staff 2022-2023

January 03, 2022

Bonjour, voici donc les résultats des élections : 1. SachaValentine 2. Cmoididi 3. Minasa 4. Skydean 5. Glave 6. Amanystya 7. Sakki 8. Dabodero 9. Jinzo 10. Mello >>

Trailer Japan Expo 2022


Japan Expo 2022
Deadline : 03/07/2022


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