Candidatures Staff AMV France 2024/2025

09 November 2023

Les candidatures pour devenir Staff AMV France 2024/2025 sont désormais ouvertes ! Tout se passe sur notre Discord, alors venez tenter votre chance afin de faire briller la communauté francophone des AMV !

Les candidatures seront ouvertes du 08 Novembre au 24 Décembre 23h59 (GMT +2) 2023.

Ensuite, du 25 Décembre 2023 au 14 Janvier 2024, les membres de l'association ainsi que le staff actuel pourront voter pour 10 personnes ayant posté une candidature. L'ordre de la liste aura un impact sur le résultat des votes ! Une liste récapitulative des inscrits vous sera fournie au moment de faire votre choix. Les informations sur le déroulé des votes vous seront données prochainement.

Online Contest 2023

22 September 2023

Hi everyone. This year again, AMV-France is proud to announce the Online Contest 2023, an event which offers a fair experience with his particular rule - 100% ANONYMOUS.

Deadline: January 7th 2024, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris).

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Level Up Contest is back !

20 July 2023

Level Up Contest is back for a new edition! The deadline is set on the 15th of October 2023, you can find more information on our discord.

Thank to for allowing us to take over the concept and name of their contest!

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Finalists' Ranking

16 July 2023

Here is the ranking of finalists of the Japan Expo 2022 Contest (with Public Prize and "Coup de coeur"). Congratulations to all!

◄ Finalists' Ranking:

1) Fnalex & Syeroz - Limbo
2) Amanystya - Memories 2
3) Skydean - False Start
4) FarriX - Transcendance
5) Sakki - SIRIUS
6) Hedge - Summer Tale
7) Cmoididi - Sans Titre 2.1
8) Luciole - Black Moon
9) Athrun - Quietness Requiem
10) DarkVoodoo - PRJ: SOLE
11) flo55 - Prototype 55
12) MagicDarkLight - DL:Reload
13) RedAssaut - Guava
14) Noctys - Ultimate Generation
15) Airone - REALITE
16) Miracry - Imperium
17) Celso - Only vibes
18) Gemini - Deep Crimson
20) Kuta - Catharsis
21) SachaValentine - Dreaming with you
22) RoseBeautyDreams - Project Doom

◄ Public Prize:

Skydean - False Start

◄ Partner prize "Rêve de Manga":

Fnalex & Syeroz - Limbo

◄ "Coup de cœur" Winner:

Fernix - Chrome

◄ Judges prizes:

Prix de l'amv FEEL GOOD : RedAssaut - Guava
Prix du plus EMOUVANT : Athrun - QietnessRequiem
Prix ESPRIT SHONEN : Luciole - BlackMoon
Prix du plus DROLE : Cmoididi -Sans_Titre2.1
Prix du plus EPIC : FarriX - Transcendance
Encouragent Sagiki : Miracry-Imperium
Encouragement Tricky : Noctys - Ultimate Generation
Encouragement Steiner : Heavn - COMA

Download link are available here.

Finalists and "Coups de coeur"

12 July 2023

We have 22 finalists and 10 amvs Coups de Cœurs this year.
Finalists will be ranked by a jury of AMV editors and shown on Sunday 16th of July at 11:30 am.
"Coups de Cœurs" amvs will not be part of the final ranking but they will take part in a tourney where the audience choose who can pass each step at thursday 13th of July at 0:45 pm.

Schedule Japan Expo 2023

07 July 2023

Convention schedule for Japan Expo contest is now available! Come many!

For those unable to attend, Saturday's clips and Sunday's results will also be streamed live on our youtube channel at the same times.

47 AMVs received!

07 July 2023

You sent us 47 AMVs this year! Thanks a lot for taking part in our contest!

We will be announcing editors selected (finalists or the Coup de Coeur section) on Twitter!

Japan expo contest, it's right now !

15 March 2023

Japan Expo is above all the biggest European convention about Japanese popular culture. The international AMV contest has been running for ten years and has always received many renowned editors through time. the usual custom is to unveil the finalists and their ranking by screening them on a giant screen, at the convention, where their videos are watched by hundreds of people! This year again, we hope for a fierce competition! However, do not hesitate to join the party, every level is welcomed, we expect many of you!

Deadline: July 2th 2023, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris).

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ARAM Contest 2023 Results!

07 February 2023

Here is the ranking of the ARAM Contest 2023. Congratulations to all!

1) Team 4, Leader flo - Texte
2) Team 2, Leader ZeroWy - Antiquity
3) Team 1, Leader Syeroz - Divine lights
4) Team 5, Leader Celso - Noxia
5) Team 7, Leader Zoid - ComicSense
6) Team 11, Leader Rei - Initiate
7) Team 10, Leader Sterben - Mind Maze
8) Team 3, Leader E_01 - Undefeatable
9) Team 6, Leader Jay - NTR
10) Team 8, Leader AzukaYuki - Twisted Love

Download link are available here.

L'ARAM CONTEST 2023 est là !

09 January 2023

Hey everyone!
AMV-France is back with ARAM Contest.

If you weren't there last year or simply forgot what this contest is, here is a reminder :
After everyone interested registered in the contest, all of the participants will vote for team leaders who'll then make their team and these teams will have a week to create a MEP together.

LIKE LAST YEAR everything will happen here: