Online Contest is Back

16 August 2015

This year, AMV-France brings back an old contest from the distant past... A contest tied with no offline event, a contest which only takes place on the net and which was formerly attractive thanks to some of his particular rules... Here is the comeback of the Online Contest.

Why Rebirth? Because it has been put aside since the second edition and no news ever since. But today, AMV-France gives it a new youth to offer more challenge and to finally offer a pure ONLINE contest. Forget Japan Expo for a bit please.

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Finalists' Ranking

06 July 2015

Finalists' Ranking:

1) Dn@
2) Redrum
3) Sephi Antisora
4) Luna/Jazz/Replay
5) Flow
6) Noor
7) Fadoo
8) Nedits
9) Naoya
10) Celia
11) Hayden
12) Vik
13) Sachavalentine
14) MDL
15) Mystyk
16) Tricky
17) Cmoididi.Kloud
18) Cross
19) Keyscarlet
20) Cyber-Eg
21) Yuko&Emy
22) Flo55
23) Rider4Z
24) Pikapika
25) Yunowhy

Public Prize:

1) Luna/Jazz/Replay
2) Dn@
3) Fadoo

"Coup de cœur" Winner:


Download link are available here

List of finalists and Coups de Coeur

01 July 2015


[key]Scarlet - Renegade (freedom cry)
AntiSora 07 - Like a Sir
Celia Phantomhive - Volleybot
Cmoididi & Kloud - Shake it of²
Cross - Hello Nicky Good Bye Ryo
Cyber-EG - Amaterasu
Dn@ - F.Y.C.
Fadoo-Sama - Dissidia: Once upon a Time
flo55 - mes 55
Flow - Theater
Hayden - T.W.U.W
Luna, Jazzvids & Replay Studios - Anime's got talent
MagicDarkLight - Fulgurance
Mystyk - The Fall
Naoya - Stratos Sphere
Nedits - Oblivion
Noor - Dreamer
PikaPika - Imagine
Redrum - Lost Fragment
Rider4Z - Yato's God Complex
SachaValentine - Alice's Escape
Tricky - The Pretender
Vik - Rubik's Method
Yuko & Emy - Twins worlds
Yunowhy - Sweet Dreams

Coups de Coeurs:

Fury - Ingenuity
iYoshiKun - DESTINY
Keintseru - BloodBorne
Kyoroichi - Smeared
Megamom - Imposible AMV
MrGafudo - Cuz is not for me
Naijiko - Sparking
Oneliner - Oneline
Shalyes - Guardian
xChromez - Dreaming

List of contestants!

23 June 2015

Japan Expo's deadline is over, after counting and validation of the last AMVs, it is time to show you the famous list of the 81 AMVs received and validated. Thanks to everyone for your participation! We wish you great luck with the ranking ;)

Click on the picture for full size.

Website update

14 June 2015


As you can see, the home page changed, thanks to our webmaster Sacha Valentine !
Besides the more ergonomic display for the news, the main new features consist of the widgets on the right that will allow you to keep in touch with the incoming contests or conventions and also to find links to our partners' websites! In the future, we may use them to display even more information, stay tuned!

Have a nice stay on AMV-France :)

Last deadline: June 21!!

12 June 2015

After many requests, we decided to postpone the deadline once last time till 21th June. Good luck :)

New deadline: June 21, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris)

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Deadline postponed till June 16!!

16 May 2015

No need to add anything, you dreamed of it, here it is!! No excuses now ;) We're waiting for your vids!

New deadline: June 16, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris)

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AMV France sera présent à Bulles de Mantes 2015!

14 May 2015

Tout est dit, dans l'optique de vous proposer plus de conventions, on commence par la très sympathique convention Bulles de Mantes où nous serons présents le 6 et 7 juin 2015 !
Si vous êtes dans le coin, n'hésitez pas à passer nous voir sur le stand agrémenté de plusieurs poufs et fauteuils pour une ambiance des plus cosy.

Toutes les infos sur Bulles de Mantes: ICI!

New partnership with Chibi Akihabara!!

08 May 2015

We are glad to announce our partnership with the figure shop Chibi Akihabara! This will give us the opportunity to make you win prizes of a whole new dimension!

Thus, this year, you will not get any cheap figure:

The 1st Prize will feature a high quality collection figure whose value will by far exceed 100 euros (~US$113)!
Moreover, prizes will not be limited to figure. Other partnerships might come later, please stay tuned.
These news will of course impact the prizes of the 2nd and 3rd Place as well as the Viewers' Choice.

We once again invite you to visit their website and to follow them on Facebook to thank them for their trust and we hope it will get you all fired up even more!

Enjoy the challenge!

Register for Japan Expo 2015
Thread on the forum

Time to register to Japan Expo 2015!

09 April 2015

Here we are, three weeks after the deadline announcement, we come back with the expected registration form! And on a new site! If you missed the first announcement or maybe you’ve never heard of Japan Expo, here is a brief reminder:

Japan Expo is above all the biggest European convention about Japanese popular culture. The international AMV contest has been running for ten years and has always received many renowned editors through time. the usual custom is to unveil the finalists and their ranking by screening them on a giant screen, at the convention, where their videos are watched by hundreds of people! This year again, we hope for a fierce competition! However, do not hesitate to join the party, every level is welcomed, we expect many of you!

Deadline: June 1st 2015, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris).

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