Deadline postponed till December 11th!!

27 November 2022

No need to add anything, you dreamed of it, here it is!! No excuses now ;) We're waiting for your vids!

New deadline: December 11th, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris)

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Level Up 2022 Results

21 November 2022

Here is the ranking of IC AMV-France Anim'est 2022. Congratulations to all!

1) MEP - Jambon Beurre (Alyzia / AzukaYuki / Fnalex / Shadox / Amanystya / Bankai / Burn / Crows Corvus / Glave / Syeroz)
2) Arrow - Ataraxia
3) MEP - AVRAMAX (Lightning / YawnHQ / Kamideres / Chaiberry)
4) Tate - Mystic Shadow
5) Neku - NIGHTFALL Helios
7) Akutsu - Tears Like The Morning Dew
8) Kiyoshi & Exen - Salvation
9) ZeRo & Zmeyana - Mur Mur
10) Zephyr - Heaven Fall
12) Damis507 - Suicide Night
13) Braz - Forsaken

Public Choice : MEP - JAMBON BEURRE


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08 October 2022

Hi there ! We are happy to announce the arrival of a new AMV France contest, an IC which, like the Japan Expo, will be broadcast in conventions!

All the info and other rules are available on the discord server dedicated to the contest:

Good luck to everyone ! And see you at the Anim'est from November 19 to 20, 2022 in Nancy!

Online Contest 2022

18 September 2022

Hi everyone. This year again, AMV-France is proud to announce the Online Contest 2022, an event which offers a fair experience with his particular rule - 100% ANONYMOUS.

Problem? Contact

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Finalists' Ranking

17 July 2022

Here is the ranking of finalists of the Japan Expo 2022 Contest (with Public Prize and "Coup de coeur"). Congratulations to all!

◄ Finalists' Ranking

1) Sephi - QUEEN
2) FarriX - NEON
3) Arrow & Scott - RUSH HOUR
4) DaWaitNiggi - Fallin' Apart
5) Airone - KARTEL II
6) Zuuki - Eternal Sonata
7) Luciole - We Go!!
8) Steiner - Bury the Light
9) Athrun - Cold Realm
10) Amanystya - Cameo
11) Heavn - Maelström
12) Redassaut - Ronin Chronicles 2 : Ma Quête
13) Skydean - Borealis
14) Celso - Woman voice ll
15) Noctys - The Vengeance
16) SachaValentine - Sad Cat
17) Zaraki - VICTORY II
18) Chaiberry - Domination
19) Kyutana - ReNouVeau 3 : Love ain't changin
20) Hayasa - Ember
21) NeKu/AnthoMV - KUKUNA
22) Fernix - PROJECT.D
23) Jinzo - Radiant Destinies

◄ Public Prize

Luciole - We Go!!

◄ "Coup de cœur" Winner

Flo55 - Mado

Download link are available here.

Finalists and "Coups de coeur"

12 July 2022

We have 23 finalists and 10 amvs Coups de Cœurs this year.
Finalists will be ranked by a jury of AMV editors and shown on Sunday 17th of July at 9:45 am.
"Coups de Cœurs" amvs will not be part of the final ranking but they will take part in a tourney where the audience choose who can pass each step at thursday 14th of July at 3:30 pm.

Schedule Japan Expo 2022

06 July 2022

Convention schedule for Japan Expo contest is now available! Come many!

For those unable to attend, Saturday's clips and Sunday's results will also be streamed live on our youtube channel at the same times.

43 AMVs received!

04 July 2022

You sent us 43 AMVs this year! Thanks a lot for taking part in our contest!

Each day at 8 pm, we will be announcing editors selected (finalists or the Coup de Coeur section) on Twitter!

Deadline postponed till July 3!!

08 June 2022

Ultimate deadline extension !! No excuses now ;) We're waiting for your vids!

New deadline: July 3rd, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris)

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¡Es hora de registrarse para la Japan Expo 2022!

26 April 2022

Japan Expo es, sobre todo, la mayor convención europea sobre la cultura popular japonesa. El concurso internacional de AMV ha estado funcionando durante diez años y siempre ha recibido muchos editores de renombre a través del tiempo. ¡la costumbre habitual es revelar a los finalistas y su clasificación mostrándolos en una pantalla gigante, en la convención, donde cientos de personas ven sus videos! ¡Este año nuevamente, esperamos una competencia feroz! Sin embargo, no dudes en unirte a la fiesta, todos los niveles son bienvenidos, ¡esperamos muchos de ustedes!

Si la convención Japan Expo 2022 se cancela o se cambia debido a CoVid-19, la competencia aún se mantendrá.

Fecha límite: 25 de Junio 2022, 11.59pm (GMT+2 Paris).

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